The Top 10 Reasons to Attend this Year’s Poverty Bay Wine Festival

2012 Poverty Bay Wine Festival

A couple of years ago, we ran this article.  With a just few updates, it still rings true!The Top 10 Reasons to attend the 9th Annual Poverty Bay Wine Festival, coming to the Landmark on the Sound Event Center the weekend of March 1-3rd:

(drum roll, please)

10. Tastings from 25 Northwest wineries, each sampling two or three  wines.

9.  Live music! Including The Fabulous Roof Shakers, Carrie Clark, Meal Frog, Chad McCullough Trio, and Pearl Django .

8. If you’ve never been inside Landmark on the Sound Event Center, you owe it to  yourself to see this magnificent architectural treasure.

7. Where else are you going to get wine, food, and live music all  afternoon for $25?  It’s still the best deal in town!

6. Proceeds  support all the projects of the Rotary Club of Des Moines,  including  college scholarships, help for the hungry and homeless, and support for school children.

5.  The Rotary Club of Des Moines also reaches all around the world helping people   in Haiti, the Philippines, Nepal, and many other countries with our  international projects.

4. Did  I mention the food? Fresh bread, cheese, smoked salmon, Scotch & Vine, Forte chocolate, and our very own Poverty Bay Bistro featuring mouthwatering burgers, prawns and pasta.

3. As a bonus, we’ll have three car shows: Triumphs and Corvettes on Saturday  and Mini Coopers on Sunday.

2.  A special announcement on Opening night that you will not want to miss! Shhh…..

And the number one reason not to miss the Poverty Bay Wine  Festival…

1. Not only will you be having a great  time, you’ll be doing something good for our community and our  world!

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